Magically Simple Pricing Elastic & Scalable & Pay-As-You-Go & Affordable
Unit Unit Cost
Node Node $8
Bandwidth Out Gigabyte $0.12
File Storage Gigabyte $0.15

A small website may only require $15 in credits each year, making SunSed a cost-effective choice for running multiple side projects. Plus, your application can easily scale to support millions of users without the complexities of server management or infrastructure concerns.

CPU Time $0.1/Hour

CPU time represents the duration your application takes to process a request, and for billing purposes, it is calculated to the nearest 100 milliseconds. Thus, if your app uses 250 milliseconds of processing time, the billing would be rounded up to 300 milliseconds.

Let's assume your application takes 200 milliseconds to process a request and you receive 100,000 such requests in a month. This will result in 20,000 seconds (5.55 hours) of CPU time which will cost you $0.55.

Bandwidth Out $0.1/GB

Bandwidth Out is the amount of data that your application sends out (e.g., file download); incoming bandwidth (e.g., file upload) is free. SunSed automatically optimizes your website images to reduce bandwidth usage by up to five times. A typical non-optimized JPEG file of 1MB can be reduced to 200KB without any visible loss of quality using the WebP format supported by all modern browsers.

Let's assume you have a webpage that is 1MB in size (5 images of 200KB) and it is viewed 100,000 times by unique visitors (so that the browser cache is not used). This will result in 100GB of bandwidth usage, which will cost you $10.

Developer $20/Seat (first 2 free)

Developer is the number of people that have access to your application either to write code or content. The first two seats are free for the account owner and the first additional developer. For example, if you have 3 developers, the cost is $20/month. If you have 5 developers, the cost is $60/month.

This resource is tracked based on the number of developers in your account. You can add or remove developers at any time, and you will only be charged for the time they were in your account. For example, if you add a developer for 5 days, the cost is (5/30) * $20 = $3.33—assuming the developer is not the account owner or the first additional developer because they are free.

Custom Domain $1/Domain

This resource is tracked based on the number of custom domains you have attached to your application. You are charged $1/month per domain (or sub-domain) for SSL-secured custom domain setup. For example, if you attach and to your application the cost is $2/month. The granularity of this resource is one hour so if you attach a custom domain for two hours, the cost is approximately $0.001.

File Storage $0.1/Gigabyte

File Storage is the total storage used by all the files stored by your app. File storage is charged at $0.1/GB/month. For example, if you have 10GB of files stored in your application, the cost is $1/month. The actual file storage is calculated by the hour and rounded up to the nearest hour. For example, if you have 100GB of files stored in your app for 10 hours, the cost is $0.01.

Scale Bonus

Credit Bonus Total
$50 - $99 10% $55 - $108
$100 - $249 15% $115 - $286
$250 - $499 20% $300 - $598
$500 - $999 25% $625 - $1248
$1000 or more 30% $1300 or more

When you add $100 in credit to your application, you get a $10 bonus, totaling $110; for $1000, you get a $300 bonus, making it more and more cost-effective to host your application as you scale.

Start Building Risk Free (7 day refund policy on unused credit)