This page lists all the changes made to the SunSed platform. It is important to keep track of changes for a platform with a rolling release model. This page is updated every time a new feature is added, a bug is fixed, or a new version is released.

January 26th 2024 Magical Functions

SunSed's Magical Function Generator revolutionizes coding by allowing users to create functions using simple, everyday language. This feature enables developers to concentrate on the logic and purpose of their code, rather than getting bogged down in syntax nuances. Just wrap your commands in backticks and SunSed will craft the functions for you. This approach simplifies the development process, making it more intuitive and efficient.

`remove last word`("hello my friend")
//=> "hello my"

`capitalize each word of the arg1:str`("welcome to sunsed")
//=> "Welcome To Sunsed"
January 4th 2024 Private Launch
  • Native support for all major static site generators
  • New UI elements
  • Documentation & tutorials
  • SunSed IDE VS Code Extension
  • UI
  • Publish
  • Logs
  • Sandbox & examples
  • Account management
  • Development environments
  • Atomic deployment
  • App management
  • Billing
  • CDN
  • File storage
  • Auto refresh/deploy
  • Base function libraries (500+ functions)