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The SunSed Language is the core of the SunSed platform. It is a rolling-release, all-batteries-included, and purely procedural programming language. It is most similar to PHP and JavaScript, but with an easier to master syntax that natively supports both HTML and Markdown (think if Markdown, JS and HTML had a baby).


Comments Print Data Types and Variables Data Type Casting & Conversion in SunSed


Introduction to SunSed Programming Language Arithmetic and Operators Data Types Defining and Using Variables Strings: Definition, Interpolation, Concatenation HTML and CSS in SunSed Markdown in SunSed

Control Structures

Conditional Statements: if, else, elseif Looping Statements: for, foreach, while


Introduction to Arrays Array Types: Indexed, Associative, Multidimensional Array Manipulation: Adding, Updating, Deleting Elements

Functions and Libraries

Introduction to Functions & Libraries Named Parameters Embedded HTML and Markdown in Functions Overriding Built-in Functions Testing and Documenting Functions Creating API Points Function Cache

Errors and Debugging

Syntax Errors Throwing Errors Handling Errors Looking Up Errors in Logs Manually Logging Debugging Information