SunSed Language

The SunSed Language is the core of the SunSed platform. It is a rolling-release, all-batteries-included, and purely procedural programming language. It is most similar to PHP and JavaScript, but with an easier to master syntax that natively supports both HTML and Markdown.


Hello World Create your first ever .page file and print "Hello World" to the page. Basic structure of a SunSed program Print Print a value to the page. e.g. print "Hello World" Comments Single-line and multi-line comments. e.g. // and /* */ Data Types Integer, float, string, boolean, array, object, and more. Atoms of a program Variables A container for a value. e.g. $name = "John" Type Conversion Convert a value from one type to another. e.g. (int) "5" Strings A sequence of characters. Single and double quotes. Concatenation and interpolation Arrays A collection of values. Indexed, associative, and multidimensional arrays HTML SunSed is a HTML-first language. It natively supports HTML and allows to extend tags Markdown Shortuct for wrting HTML: `#` for headings, `*` for emphasis, and backticks for code. Sundown Another shortcut for writing HTML in SunSed. e.g. `.h1 Header 1`


Comparison Operators Equal, not equal, greater than, less than, and more. Returns a boolean Math Operators Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more Increment and Decrement Operators Shortcut to increase or decrease a variable by one. e.g. $x++ Compound Assignment Operators Assignment and other operations in one. e.g. $x += 5 Ternary Operator Shortcut for if-else. e.g. $age >= 18 ? "Vote" : "No vote" Null Coalesce Operator Easiest way to set default values. e.g. $username ?? "Guest"

Control Structures & Loops

if Execute code if a condition is true
if ($age >= 18) { print "Vote" }
else Execute code if previous conditions are false
... } else { print "No vote" }
elseif Execute code if a condition is true and previous conditions are false
... } elseif ($age >= 16) { print "Drive" }
while Execute code while a condition is true
while ($i < 10) { print $i; $i++ }
foreach Execute code for each item in an array. e.g. foreach ($names as $name) { print $name } for Execute code for a number of times
for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) { print $i }


Definition Define a function. Parameters Define parameters for a function. Magical Functions Let English be your programming language. `remove last word`('hello world') => 'hello' Return Value Return a value from a function. Testing & Documentation Test and document a function. Caching Cache a function for better performance and lower resource usage. Access Specify who can access a function. Allows you to make API endpoints. Schedule Schedule functions to run recurrently at specified intervals.