Return TRUE if $time1 (arg1) is equal to $time2 (arg2) considering their timezone

time:equal?(STRING $time1, STRING $time2) : BOOL

time:equal?("2021-1-1 10:30 UTC","2020-1-1 10:31 UTC")

# note: considering the time zones, the following dates are equal (happening at the same time)
time:equal?("2020-1-1 10:31 UTC","2020-01-01 02:31:00.000000 PST")
#=> TRUE

# note: dates don't have to be complete
#=> TRUE

# note: microseconds are also considered
time:equal?("2021-1-1 10:30:10.389 UTC","2021-1-1 10:30:10.898 UTC")

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