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Redefining Web Development

SunSed is a Full-Stack Programming Language Fused with an Elastic Cloud Platform designed for Small-Medium Teams to develop, ship and maintain web apps faster, cheaper and easier.

code SunSed Language A new intuitive full stack language you can master in a few hours. cloud Serverless & Elastic Hosting Scale up and down with 0-second start time. bolt Streamlined Development A simplified approach designed to make the lives of developers easier, so you focus on what matters. rocket_launch Instant Atomic Deployments Deployments that take less than a second. public Global CDN A global CDN with 0 configuration right from the box. cloud_upload Integrated File Storage A fast and fully integrated file storage. all_inclusive 0 Set Up Environments Instant Unlimited Development Environments with No Set Up dashboard VSC IDE An IDE designed for VSC to make you never leave your editor. database Integrated Database Coming Soon A fully integrated database with 0 configuration.

Making Web Development Simple Again


Procederal and abstraction free approach, so anyone can master SunSed quickly.


Elastic, fair and scalable pricing for Small-Medium Teams, so we can grow together.