Saving Developers
from Complexity

There are enough cloud platforms that focus on doing things the right way. SunSed is a cloud platform that focuses on getting things done, as fast and simple as possible.

Create, Launch and Scale Faster

SunSed Language

Highly productive, purely procedural, and easy to master.

SunSed Platfrom

Focus on your application and not servers or any services.

Everything You Need in One Place

SunSed Database

standard relational SQL features, auto-migration.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows, the only software you need to manage your applications with SunSed. It even includes a database explorer.

Atomic Deployment

Easily deploy your changes to production or any environment in an instant.

Unlimited Development Environment

for every developer on your team without installing anything, they can create an unlimited number of development environments.

SunSed Disk

your application has access to Peta Bytes of smart virtual disk storage with latencies close to normal SSD storage for small files and HDD for larger files.

Session Management

encrypted, fully managed.

User Interface

beautiful, fast development.

Content Delivery Network

A growing number of PoPs across 3 continents.

The future of cloud app development is coming soon

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