Saving Developers
from Complexity

A fully managed Cloud Platform designed from scratch to cut development time and headaches in half, while offering world class performance.

Create and Scale Web Apps
10x Faster and Easier

SunSed Cloud makes creating, collaborating, launching, scaling, and maintaining web apps faster and easier by offering all the services and features your app needs, all optimized to increase your development productivity. Using SunSed Cloud means fewer decisions to worry about, allowing you to focus on your app itself while we manage the rest.

Why SunSed?

A New Language,
Designed for You

SunSed Language is the new powerful yet easy to master purely procedural programming language inspired by the simplicity of the languages of the golden age of the Internet. SunSed Language is how programming languages would have been today if they were not designed to solve billion-dollar software companies' ever-growing problems.
Today, most apps never get launched mainly due to the complexity created by modern web frameworks that serve the needs of the tech giants, and SunSed Language, paired with all the services of SunSed Cloud, is the solution to that problem.
SunSed Language takes away some flexibilities to increase your team's efficiency, speed, and code quality, no more OOP, spaghetti codes, or browsing through endless third-party packages for solutions to problems you have solved over and over.

Instantly Ready for Development

Just name your app and instantly (0 second waite time) your app's entire infrastructure is ready and live (integrated database, file storage, environments for production and developers, and connected SunSed domains all set upped and ready for traffic at a production level).

Zero Set Up

SunSed development environment requires zero setups and runs on any device that has Visual Studio Code. All you need to do is install the SunSed VSC Extension, and then you can manage your entire web app using the GUI without ever leaving VS Code.
This means you get identical development and production environments without having to run any local development servers.

SunSed UI Makes Front End Easy

SunSed UI allows you to create modern, customizable, and responsive user interfaces for your web apps, eliminating the need for third-party frameworks or to write repetitive HTML, CSS, and JS code. While at the same time, SunSed Portal brings your UI components to life, allowing you to create dynamic components that can update without reloading the entire page.

A cloud platform that is truly elastic

Your app's infrastructure scales up and down automatically without any down times based on your needs, and you only pay according to your use.

Everything Else You Need

SunSed Database

Standard relational SQL features, auto-migration.

Atomic Deployment

Easily deploy your changes to production or any environment in an instant.

Unlimited Development Environment

for every developer on your team without installing anything, they can create an unlimited number of development environments.

SunSed Disk

your application has access to Peta Bytes of smart virtual disk storage with latencies close to normal SSD storage for small files and HDD for larger files.

Session Management

encrypted, fully managed.

Content Delivery Network

A growing number of PoPs across 3 continents.

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