Add Notification

notification:create, lets you add notifications into your app, requiring at minimum a $message with optional arguments for $icon_name, $title, $primary_action and $secondary_action. The notification will be added on by Javascript and therefore this function has no return value.

notification:create(message: "Profile Information updated.", icon_name: "account_circle")

Show Once Per Session

By settings $show_once_per_session to TRUE, the notification will show only once for the entire duration of your user's session.

notification:create(message: "This will show only once", title: "Show Once", show_once_per_session: TRUE)

Add Notification Actions

You can add a primary and a secondary actions to every notification. Both primary and secondary actions accept 3 arguments, label, href, and attributes. Both actions label argument is required.

notification:create("Notification with Actions", primary_action_label: "Primary", secondary_action_label: "Secondary")q
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