NOTE: This invite-only release of SunSed Alpha is for testing purposes and in no way represents the final quality of the product — join the waitlist (~wait time: 2 weeks). SunSed release date is on March 11, 2022.


A SunSed script, starts and ends with the following.

// SunSed code

Folowing the question mark with an equal sign will automatically PRINT the SunSed expression.

<?= $user_name ?>

File Extension

SunSed files only acceptable extension is .sunsed

SunSed Case Sensitivity

All SunSed keywords (IF, ELSE, WHILE, PRINT, RETURN, etc.), function names, and variables are case sensitive. The keywords need to be always uppercase, and the functions need to be allways lowercased.

IF($user_has_agreed) {
    FOREACH($agreements AS $agreement) {
        PRINT $agreement['id']
} ELSE {

While for variables, case sensitivity means that $name, $NAME, and $nAmE are all legal but treated as three different variables.

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