NOTE: This invite-only release of SunSed Alpha is for testing purposes and in no way represents the final quality of the product — join the waitlist (~wait time: 2 weeks). SunSed release date is on March 11, 2022.


You can comment out lines of your codes which will not be executed and they will not be executed by SunSed. There are three ways you may comment a section of your code in SunSed.

One-Line Code Comment

By using // you may comment one line of your code.

PRINT "Hello World"
// PRINT "Goodbye" 

One-Line Note Comment

By using # you may comment a note about your code for anyone who may read your SunSed code.

# Greetings to the user when they sign in
PRINT "Hello World"

Multi-Line Comment

Comment out multiple lines of your code at the same time. Keep in mind that you cannot nest multi-line comments.

FOREACH($users AS $user) {
PRINT "Hello " . $user['name']
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