What Can a SunSed Application Do?

Web browsers make requests and your SunSed Web application responds to those requests with content that it dynamically creates based on the rules that you write in your code. In contrast, the content of a static site is created and maintained manually.

Here are some of the things your Web application written in SunSed can do:

  • Serve a simple static site or page
  • Serve dynamic content to your users (based on who is logged in)
  • Insert data into your Database
  • Querying your Database to retrieve useful information and present it to your users based on form inputs
  • Dynamically populating form inputs (again, usually by getting this data from your Database)
  • Create PDF, Excel, and other types of downloadable reports
  • Charge credit cards
  • Send and receive an email (or even text)
  • Serve images, videos, and other types of files
  • Allow users to upload files
  • Almost anything your favorite site can do

It is exciting, isn’t it? Never before, in the history of mankind one had the power to make things come to life by writing, well, maybe magicians did. And the most exciting thing is that it is so easy to master SunSed. Once you master it, your success is only an imagination away.

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