1.3 How much SunSed costs?

SunSed's pricing is elastic, predictable, and straightforward. You'll be automatically charged for each application separately at the end of each month based on their usage. An invoice is automatically generated on the first day of each month and includes the previous month’s usage. You also have to set a monthly budget for each application which helps prevent surprise bills (you'll never be charged more than your application's monthly budget).

As an added bonus, all applications on SunSed get a $1 free credit per month — it means that if your application uses less than or equal to $1 of resources per month, you won't be charged for it (you don't even need to provide a credit card). That is why you cannot set an application's budget to $0 (it will automatically change to $1).

If an application's budget is reached before the end of the month, it stops working until the next billing cycle — you can always raise your application budget and it will immediately bring it back online.

SunSed tries to send many warning email to all the developers of an application when it uses 50%, 70%, 90%, and 100% of its monthly budget (it is entirely up to its developers to increase their budget manually to prevent downtime).

For more information, please visit sunsed.com/pricing.

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