NOTE: This invite-only release of SunSed Alpha is for testing purposes and in no way represents the final quality of the product — join the waitlist (~wait time: 2 weeks). SunSed release date is on March 11, 2022.

1.3 How much SunSed costs?

SunSed's pricing is elastic, predictable, and straightforward. You'll be automatically charged for each application separately at the end of each month based on their usage. You also have to set a monthly budget for each application which helps prevent surprise bills (you'll never be charged more than your application's monthly budget).

All applications on SunSed get a $1 free credit per month.

If an application's budget is reached in the middle of the month, it stops working until the next billing cycle. SunSed tries to send a warning email to all the developers of an application when it reaches 50%, 70%, 90%, and 100% of its monthly budget (it is entirely up to its developers to increase their budget manually and prevent downtime).

SunSed bills on the first day of every month all the previous month's consumption. Our billing timezone is in UTC.

SunSed's Pricing

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