Create Your First App

To create a new application you need to:

Step 1

Click on Add application icon under SunSed Menu > APPS

Step 2

Provide a name for your application

Step 3

Initialize a local folder for your new application If the window is gone or you change the location of your application on your computer, you can always initialize the application folder by running: "SunSed: Initialize App" to bring up the command input run: ⌘ + ⇧ + P.

Step 4

Select a folder on your computer that you want to use as the root project folder

Step 5

SunSed, automatically switches you to the selected folder and also creates the required sunsed.json file. If you are no longer signed in (each VS Code window has a different session) make sure you log in with the same email that you have created your new app under.

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